We supply products and project manage the transformation of creative musical spaces. From concept design and installation, to the first public performance, we have helped schools and children’s centers bring neglected outdoor spaces to life!

We work with the UKs leading suppliers of outdoor play equipment as well as creating our own junk percussion instruments.

Tubular Bells
Tubular Bells

Offering a bell-like sound obtained by tuned metal tubes commonly referred to as bells or chimes, these big, bold, beautiful bells are the ultimate in outdoor musical chimes. Unsurpassed in their resonance, the chimes produce a deep low tone which you can feel as well as hear.

The seven chimes range from 1.2m to 1.8m tall and can be installed directly into the ground in any arrangement.

Built with durable materials and designed to withstand tough environments, the centre post is strengthened and the outer tubes fixed using stainless steel security screws located at the top and bottom. Each chime is capped to prevent debris from entering the chime and dampening the sound.

Simple yet striking, these chimes also act as an interesting architectural feature in your outdoor area as well as an amazing auditory experience. Available in silver or alternating green and blue anodised finish.

Babel drums  small and large 

Iona Babel

Fabricated from stainless steel, our babel drums have been carefully tuned to replicate the sweet sound of steel pans. Played with the hands, preferably by striking with the fingertips, the notes produce perfect musical tones typically associated with a tropical setting.

The babel drum is very easy to play. We recommend playing using the pads of your fingers; however, players can also use their fingertips, the side of the thumb, or a mix of all three. A quick tap onto the drum’s smooth surface and pulling away quickly as if you’ve touched something hot lets the drum sing, and produces a beautiful melodic tone.


Babel Drum outdoor play install

A wide range of tones can be created through experimenting and developing different playing techniques. The melodic sounds from these drums are quiet enough to be close to classrooms.

The small babel drum has six notes, and can be provided as an installed product or as a hand-held portable instrument (above left.)

The large babel drum offers eight notes, and is shown on the right as an installed instrument.

Bell Lyre

Bell Lyre

Our bell lyre is a combination of a bell tree — a percussion instrument, consisting of vertically nested inverted metal bowls placed on a vertical rod arranged in order of pitch — and a lyre — a stringed instrument with two curved arms connected at the upper end by a crossbar, used to accompany a singer or reciter of poetry, as was common in Ancient Greece.

An outdoor instrument made of eight graduated stainless steel bells, our bell lyre is presented within a beautiful contemporary stand reminiscent of a classic Ancient Greek lyre. The bells range in diameter from 100mm to 290mm and ‘sing’ when struck with the attached beaters.

Each bell emits its own sound with sweet, gentle tones from the bells at the top and deep, sonorous ‘gong’-like sounds of the bottom bells.

Emperor Chimes

Emperor Chimes in action

With the largest standing over 2.5m in height, the emperor chimes are large in both sound and size.

Three different sizes span the primary C major chord with a very deep, profound sound and an unparalleled sustained sound. Striking the chime just about anywhere along the tube produces a deep, powerful tone.

The harder you strike, the more it will vibrate, creating such a loud, resonant sound that players will actually be able to feel the vibrations through their entire body.


Cadenza solo metalCadenzas are small and stylish outdoor musical instruments for one player that immediately bring smiles to their players and listeners alike.

Strong, weather-proof and durable, the cadenza notes are arranged like a traditional xylophone or glockenspiel, with low to high notes going from left to right. Cadenzas are tuned to the C major pentatonic scale, covering two octaves.

There are no wires or strings as the notes are individually and securely attached to the resonators for maximum vibration with incredible tones and resonance. The resonators are available in a number of different colours. The instrument is designed for ground installation, and can be surface or wall mounted.

They are built with individually mounted notes of either aluminium, Ipe (see technical information) or GRP, each of which offers a distinct sound when played.


Marimba solid frame installMarimba is the plural of rimba, meaning a xylophone or hand piano of African origin. We offer large outdoor marimbas that up to four people can play at once.

The 15 large GRP notes are tuned to the pentatonic scale of C Major, and are supported by heavy duty stainless steel cable. The elegant stainless steel stands will look amazing anywhere, from a public park, school playground, children’s centre or a private garden area. The marimba makes a natural mellow, low sound and is perfect for improvising and musical exploration outdoors.

Grand Marimba

Grand Marimba New frame for 2013Our grand marimba is an outdoor musical instrument popular with schools, children’s centres and playground designers alike. This is a substantial outdoor musical instrument that produces a strong, deep, resonant sound — perfect also for music therapy sessions and creative playgrounds.

The notes used on the grand marimba are made of IPE and are equipped with individual resonator tubes on the underside. The resonator reflects and projects the sound back to the player, giving a distinctive tone. With no wires or strings, each note is individually and securely attached to the resonators for maximum vibration with incredible tones and resonance.

In order to make the instrument accessible to all, the height, angle and space underneath of the instrument are such that a wheelchair user can enjoy playing the instrument comfortably. The grand marimba is tuned to the C major pentatonic scale, making it very easy and enjoyable to play.

Mirror Chimes

Mirror Chimes install ideasThe mirror chimes are highly polished aluminium anodised note bars that give a unique sound while reflecting the surrounding environment. The chimes can be mounted using the universal wall mounting brackets, and look great as a welcome feature to any installation.


Sansa-Rimba Rainbow

This outdoor musical instrument is a clever blend of two African instruments; the sansa (thumb-piano) and a marimba (xylophone). A bright, stimulating and colourful music teaching resource, the sansa-rimba makes a great addition to school playground equipment.

Using the pentatonic scale and spanning two octaves, the 15 notes of the sansa-rimba are arranged as a traditional thumb-piano with the scale ascending from the centre outwards.

The sansa-rimba can be built with individual notes of aluminium, IPE or GRP. Each of these materials gives a distinct sound when played. There are no wires or strings as the notes are individually and securely attached to the resonators for maximum vibration with incredible tones and resonance.  The resonators are available in a number of different colours.

The instrument can be installed into the ground, surface-mounted or fixed to the wall.

Rainbow Sambas

Rainbow DrumsThis eye-catching set of five outdoor drums is easily our most popular outdoor musical

instrument. The sambas are vibrant, easy and fun to play whatever your age and produce lots of creative musical energy!

These drums are suitable for music lessons, outdoor school performances, drumming and music therapy sessions as well as great outdoor play equipment.

Available in standard rainbow colours or in your own colour combinations, the sambas are suitable for ground or surface fixing.


Tembos install

Our tembos are aerophones, which is a musical instrument sounded by air. Other examples of aerophones include pipe organs, accordions, flutes, horns, and the human voice.

Both intriguing and addictive, our interactive tembos allow you to make surprisingly funky music simply by striking them with the durable neoprene paddles. The six stainless steel tubes are tuned to a C Major pentatonic scale, with each generating a different tone with varying volumes depending on how hard you hit them.

A stylish support structure holds the stainless steel pipes in a vertical orientation with the tallest standing over 3m in height, creating a truly visual and audibly stunning experience.


Duo wood
The curvaceous design of the duo is not just about looking stylish. The wave shape makes it easier for individuals with a limited range of movement, or players in wheelchairs, to reach all of the notes. Each note is slightly offset from each other, making it useful for players with special needs who may find direct eye contact difficult. 


Harmony in action

The harmony is based upon a traditional Vietnamese bamboo xylophone called a T’rung. Like a vertical metallophone, the 11 extra-thick aluminium tubes are arranged lengthwise horizontally and supported by heavy-duty nylon coated galvanised steel cables.

The notes are arranged harmonically in a C major pentatonic scale, to produce a sweet, happy, high-pitched sound. The harmony can be installed into the ground or surface mounted.

Wall Marimba

GRP ChimesThe wall-mounted marimba has polished GRP notes that give a unique oriental sound. GRP is extremely durable and can be made to look like wood. The marimba is mounted using our universal wall-mounting brackets.

Water drums

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 01.16.11

Our water drums are a cost-effective way of providing each child with an instrument, and  are great for whole-class instrumental teaching and learning.

Depending on your requirements you could have as many drums on a frame as you wish. We can also create virtually any shape using our mounting systems and use any existing features to mount from.


  • Add on many items of junk percussion safely
  • Whole class tuition is possible
  • Virtually any shape or design
  • Anti-thief and corrosion proof-fixings used
  • TUV approved fittings used
  • Can be any colour with attached school branding




Made to your requirements, our decking provides an outdoor stage excellent for any part of curriculum! It has been used for: Dreaming?, breakout spaces, sports events, school fairs, and event headquarters for outdoor events, as well as outdoor zones, a stage for school concerts, art and sculpture exhibitions, and more.

Drum Sticks

X55A copy

Vic Firth 5B’s or Regial Tip Road 5B’s are a great drum sticks and can be used with any of our water drum instalations.