Outdoor Chimes & Bells

Tubular Bells

Tubular BellsA bell-like sound obtained by tuned metal tubes commonly referred to as bells or chimes. These big, bold, beautiful bells are the ultimate in outdoor musical chimes. Unsurpassed in their resonance, the chimes produce a deep low tone which you can feel as well as hear. The seven chimes range from 1.2m to 1.8m tall and can be installed directly into the ground in any arrangement. Built with durable materials and designed to withstand tough environments. The centre post is strengthened and the outer tubes fixed using stainless steel security screws located top and bottom. Each chime is capped to prevent debris from entering the chime and dampening the sound. Available in silver or alternating green and blue anodized finish. Simple yet striking, these chimes will bring an architectural feature to your outdoor area as well as an amazing auditory experience.

Emperor Chimes

Emperor Chimes in actionWith the largest standing over 2.5m in height, the Emperor Chimes really are large in sound and size. Three different sizes span the primary C major chord with a very deep, profound sound and unparalleled sustain. Striking the chime just about anywhere along the tube produces a deep, resonant, powerful tone that you not only hear, but can feel as well. The harder you strike, the more it will vibrate, creating a louder sound with such resonance you can actually feel the vibration through your entire body.

Bell Lyre

Bell LyreBell Tree – a percussion instrument, consisting of vertically nested inverted metal bowls placed on a vertical rod arranged in order of pitch. Lyre – A stringed instrument having two curved arms connected at the upper end by a crossbar, used to accompany a singer or reciter of poetry, especially in ancient Greece. Our Bell Lyre is an outdoor instrument made of 8 graduated stainless steel bells presented within a beautiful contemporary stand reminiscent of a Lyre. The bells range in diameter from 100mm to 290mm and ‘sing’ when struck with the attached beaters. Each bell emits its own sound with sweet, gentle tones from the bells at the top and deep, sonorous ‘gong’ like sounds of the bottom bells.


Harmony in actionThe Harmony is based upon a traditional Vietnamese Bamboo xylophone called a T’rung. Like a vertical metallophone, the 11 extra thick aluminium tubes are arranged lengthwise horizontally and supported by heavy-duty nylon coated galvanised steel cables. The notes are arranged harmonically in a C Major pentatonic scale, to produce a sweet, happy, high-pitched sound. The Harmony can be installed into the ground or surface mounted.


Tembos installAEROPHONE : an aerophone is a musical instrument sounded by air. Examples of aerophones include pipe organs, accordions, flutes, horns, and the human voice and our very own Tembos. Both intriguing and addictive, our interactive Tembos allow you to make surprisingly funky music simply by striking them with the durable neoprene paddles. The six stainless steel tubes are tuned to a C Major pentatonic scale, each generates a different
tone with varying volumes depending on how hard you hit them. A stylish support structure holds the stainless steel pipes in a vertical orientation with the tallest standing over 3m in height, creating a truly visual and audibly stunning experience.


Tembos installThe Handpipes are a plosive aerophone designed to be played with just your hands (hence the name) to deliver a wonderfully funky sound with a lot of soul. Easy to play, you’ll master them in no time at all with just a little practice. The diatonic tuning allows the musically motivated to play hundreds of tunes, be creative and improvise to their heart’s content.

The pipes are arranged diatonically and set in a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) mounting. There are no beaters or mallets as you need nothing but your own hands to play, however you may purchase a pair of our neoprene paddles if you would prefer.

Colossus Chimes

Tembos installColossus Chimes are great sensory, interactive items perfect for music therapy, sensory gardens and inclusive playgrounds. Players can feel the sound resonating through their whole body when they reach out and touch the chimes after being struck with the mallets.


Tembos installThe Sonora’s melodious bells chime out loud with a resounding sonorous musical voice!

The 21 tubular bells are made from hand tuned, heavy-duty anodized aluminium and are each mounted individually over impact-resistant ABS plastic resonators which are equally precisely tuned.

Sonora can be wall mounted or affixed to posts for easy installation into any surface. The elegant design is based on the Percussion Play Duo however each note has a half degree spacing away from the centre creating a wave effect with a varying degree of contortion depending on what angle you’re looking on from, it certainly stands out in the crowd!