Outdoor Drums

Rainbow Sambas

Rainbow DrumsThese eye-catching set of five outdoor drums are easily our most popular outdoor musical instrument. The Sambas are vibrant, easy and fun to play whatever your age and produce lots of creative musical energy! These drums are suitable for music lessons, outdoor school performances, drumming and music therapy sessions as well as great outdoor play equipment. Available in standard rainbow colours or in your own colour combinations, for Ground or Surface fixing.


Congas with designs 1Conga – The Conga or more properly the tumbadora is a tall, narrow, single-headed African drum. We’ve taken the traditional conga drum and added our own twist to bring drumming and music-making to the great outdoors. The Congas are a pair of single headed drums mounted onto a stainless steel post to be installed directly into the ground. Made of heavy-duty PVC these strong and durable drums are available in our standard rainbow colours or in your own colour combinations. These drums really do sound as good as they look and combine outstanding playability with high energy, a wonderful sound and unmistakable visual appeal.

Babel Drums

Babel Drum outdoor play installPlaying the Babel Drum is a wonderful unique hand drumming experience. Fabricated from stainless steel our Babel Drum has been carefully tuned to replicate the sweet sound of steel pans. Played with the hands, preferably by striking with the fingertips, the 8 notes produce perfect musical tones typically associated with a tropical setting. The Babel Drum is very easy to play. We recommend playing using the pads of your fingers, however you can also play with fingertips or the side of the thumb or a mix of all three. A quick tap onto the drums smooth surface and pulling away quickly like you’ve touched something hot produces a beautiful melodic tone. Let the drum sing, do not leave your finger on the drum. A wide range of tones can be created through experimenting and developing different playing techniques. The beautiful sounds from these drums are quiet enough to be close to classrooms.


Babel Drum outdoor play installCajons are attractive, extremely durable outdoor drums.

Cajon (pronounced Ka-hon) means “box” or “crate” & originates from Peru. Usually made from plywood, ours has a resonating box made from etched stainless steel – perfect for year-round outdoor use.

Responsive and easy to play with an in-built snare at the top and a low bass sound around the middle the Cajon is perfect for impromptu outdoor street performances.


Babel Drum outdoor play installMade from stainless steel for a contemporary look and awesome sound – Tumbadora makes a great choice for any number of outdoor settings.

A set includes a pair of tumba drums mounted on a single stand, so you can have a comfortable playing experience that is both fun and easy.

Practice your skills on these and they will deliver marvellous bass notes with deep resonance and high-pitched cutting slap sounds.